...better yet, take a hike!!  This site offers suggestions of day-hike trails where you can experience the wonders of Nature, relieve stress and get some exercise. If I can't get there in an hour, there's not enough hiking time... ;-))


All of these photos are here to show you sights you may encounter as you explore the many trails in and around Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park.  Of course ALL IMAGES ARE FOR SALE in various forms.



Come with me to a lush, moss-covered rainforest or a wide-open mountain top where the view is always spectacular.  Experience the quiet of a sub-alpine lake or the roar of a breath-taking waterfall.  See Mother Nature's uncomparable beauty and unbelievable power as the landscape is transformed, regardless of human intervention. 


I live in the small town of Enumclaw...in the shadow of Mt. Rainier, the tallest volcanic peak in Washington, USA, elevation 14,410 ft.  I have hiked many of the trails in and around the north and east sides of Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park and would like to share the adventures of some of these trails with you in photographs.


There is a trail for everyone if you know where to look.  These are all "day-hikes" originating from Enumclaw, WA and are within a 50-mile radius.  Some hikes are short and easy, taking only a little time to relax and renew.  Others are long and strenuous often taking the whole day, but worth every minute to reach awesome destinations that only hearty souls will see.  Then you return home for dinner and your own comfy bed.

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